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When, where, what and wine

I'm not an avid wine drinker, but I do find myself drinking red wine more often the older I get. I don't think I'll ever crack open a bottle while watching a film in the evening and polish it off in one night, even with help from the wife. I will enjoy a glass or two with a meal or with good company (although that makes it sound like she doesn't, the wife does fall in to that category).

So I am beginning to differentiate types of wine, countries, regions and particular years. Obviously those are all secondary filtering particulars, after the primary "what's on offer and what has any kind of apparently independent recommendation or award label stuck on the bottle or the shelf edge".

Because of the above I don't invest in much wine drinking paraphernalia, but when I saw the ETO I did think that maybe this is a product that is aimed at people like me. People who enjoy wine, appreciate good wine, but don't drink that much that regularly and therefore often won't finish a bottle before it spoils.

Making Core 77's favourite Kickstarter campaigns of the week, this might look like a repurposed cafetière but it is designed to keep your wine sealed and fresh, while still making it accessible and easy to pour. As a product designer and engineer I was especially impressed with the number of iterations that Tom Cotton and his team went through before the final design, and it was also great to see an Innovate UK government grant being used so effectively. We can only hope more UK innovation gets exposure in this way, and those who benefit from it are equally comprehensive in their methods.

The Kickstarter campaign itself has been a huge success, reaching their goal of £55,000 within 32 hours of the launch, and with almost all pledge levels still available, aside from the early bird and super early bird offers, its a great opportunity to jump on board at a price that's at least £20 below the expected retail.

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