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Blogged Down

It's fair to say that my blog has been neglected since I launched my company and my website at the start of the year. I had dreams of making it a record of my start up journey, and an insight in to the kind of things I find interesting or that link to what I might be working on at the time.

Sadly those dreams were quashed by the never ending cycle that is running a business, bringing your own products to market, and being involved in client based projects to pay the bills in the short term. Add to that the sleep deprivation of a new addition to the family and even finding 5 minutes to keep up to date with what's going on in the world can be difficult.

However, there will never be time if you don't make time, and thanks to the new Wix app that makes blog posting something you can do on the move, I am hoping to restart my posting quest. I have a simple target to start with - to post four or five things a day that I find interesting. Probably while I'm making a cup of tea, having breakfast, or lunch, or while waiting for these updates to install - again. Obviously there is a danger of multi-tasking being required during these activities - something that is not a natural male trait, but I will try my best not to procrastinate. Opinions and my own ramblings (aside from this one) will come later, when I've cultivated a habit.

I'm not expecting this blog to become the go-to place for design trends, innovation and news. Honestly, I rarely have any expectations these days. I do still have hopes though, and I am hoping that I can keep this up and that some of my peers find it amusing enough to keep reading, and share the love.

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